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SECURITY is the number one reason why website maintenance is important

Website, House or Car They All Require
Regular Maintenance

Having a comprehensive website maintenance plan a smart investment

As you know, your website is your face to the world. It has one of the biggest impacts on the success and profitability of your business. If your website is malfunctioning in any way it can mean lost visitors, revenues and opportunities. That’s why regular website maintenance is always a smart investment because it helps you to save and make more money.

As an entrepreneur you don’t have time to deal with website issues, but when problems occur you need them handled quickly and flawlessly.

Creative Engine presents you with the best website maintenance value in the marketplace and offers three levels of support to match your budget, delivering performance and peace of mind.

The Reasons Why a Well-Maintained Website is
Critical for Optimizing Revenues

Website maintenance is an underutilized yet very important service for any business, big or small. Here are the benefits and essential reasons why all businesses need a well-maintained website and regular website maintenance:

  • Attracting, converting and
  • retaining customers,
  • Branding/Corporate Image
  • Boosting search engine rankings
  • Keeping your website current and
  • relevant with new information
  • Seizing opportunities by avoiding downtime
  • Selling products and services.
  • Helping reduce your costs
  • Allowing you and your team to hone
  • in on of the core of your business
  • Optimizing website productivity by
  • leveraging professional expertise
  • Keeping your site and reputation safe
  • Engaging your visitors by improving
  • customer experience
  • Growing your business!

Features and Problem Solving

  • We will update/modify your website with blog content, images, videos, etc. whenever needed.
  • We will fix broken links and update plugins when needed.
  • We will build internal links within your website, if and when required.
  • We will monitor your website for malware and notify you if we to find any.
  • We will create weekly back-ups of the website, every week and if website hosting is with us.

Hacked Website

Creative Engine's maintenance plan will restore a hacked website fast. In most cases, it makes sense to load a saved version of a website rather than try to repair and restore a hacked website. However, clients have to provide us with the saved backup files for the website, if the hosting is not with us.

Hacks usually occur because the website wasn't secure. Lack of an SSL certificate, easy passwords and out-of-date plugins are the top reasons websites get hacked. These can easily be resolved.

Effective Website Maintenance, Will Help Your Website Be More
Productive and Your Business Be Successful

Unless you or someone on your team is an expert in this area, we strongly recommend that you let our team of specialists provide the required regular maintenance on your website. Look at it clearly for what it is, simply a wise investment, not an additional cost.

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