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81% of people perform some type of online research before making a large purchase.

Digital sales have boosted during the pandemic,
but it willrequire accelerated speed to keep up
with your competitors.

Most business leaders were looking at a spike in their digital sales in mid-2020 and the remarkable growth rate. Confident that the trend would continue, many shifted their focus to other agenda items.

What they quickly discovered was that it had less to do with their digital strategies but the reality of the new normal during the pandemic when people were relying on digital channels. Many leaders chose to neglect to rethink their business strategy and investing more in digital. However, shrewd competitors seized the digital opportunity gaining market share and building momentum leveraging search marketing.

Fool’s Gold?

In many cases, the surge in digital profits was fool's gold, and an erroneous sense of their digital capabilities resulting in complacency. E-commerce and overall digital traffic made quantum leaps for almost every industry regardless of their digital capabilities. This allowed even the stragglers to gain some lost ground on their progressive digital competitors. However, recent customer satisfaction research shows there's been a 20% growth in fully digital users that likely won't be abated even with a return to nondigital habits.

The lesson learned?

Digital and search marketing is here to stay for many new customers and formerly traditional customers and the transformation is continuing to accelerate. A rapid digital adoption is no longer an option, it requires immediate action. Why? Your competitors will not be taking their foot off the pedal and your digital-savvy competitors are already down the road.

What is the next level of search marketing?

We view the next level of search marketing as “search-and-research marketing”. It's keeping one eye on customer acquisition and the other eye on understanding your customers better than your competitors. It's having a balanced vision requiring a balanced strategy focused on making your brand resonate.

It’s having the strategy, talent, and technology that magnifies your brand to make it resonate in ways that match new customer behavior. These will be the make-or break decisions that determine your company’s future -- and likely your own.

Transformative speed in digital will equal success in the new normal.

Now that businesses have suddenly been transported into a “go-now” digital world there is an immediate need to understand where the value is and how to pursue it.

Therefore, an improvement in your strategic approach to digital is now a top-tier key to business building and resilience. This is more than just “being nimble”; it requires a commitment and requires a willingness to invest in the strategy on where the long-term value is.

The difference between long-term success and long-term consequences.

Creative Engine can bring fresh eyes, branding, and technical expertise to help you adjust your digital and search strategy to make informed decisions that lead to long-term success rather than long-term consequences.

Given the intense competition for tech talent, adding to staff can be cost-prohibitive. Creative Engine can also help upgrade your capabilities and be an affordable alternative to get you on the right track to drive value and profits.

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