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Social media is viewed as the second-most effective digital marketing tactic for customer retention purposes, behind only email.
Source : B2C

Why businesses should increase their social media
budgets now more than ever before.

Social media has become a focal point of people's lives. Consumers leveraged pandemic lockdowns by engaging in social media to stay connected and shop for what they used to get in person.

“The new go-to channel for businesses and consumers”

This consumer shift caused businesses to leverage social media to maintain and nurture their relationships with consumers. Usage continues rising as social media is increasingly an essential part of consumers’ lives becoming and has now become the new go-to channel for businesses and consumers.

More consumers are becoming social media savvy when interacting with businesses, including discovering, then sharing the new brands that resonate with their social network. That's why social media marketing is rapidly surpassing email, TV, and print advertising for consumers to learn about new brands and solidify relationships with existing brands.

The enormous opportunity to seize the moment.

This presents an enormous opportunity for brands to seize the moment of this people-first, social-first shift to prioritize and increase their relevant social media spend as social commerce and social advertising continues growing.

The hidden gem of social media.

The hidden gem of social media placement is being able to gather and leverage consumer feedback to better understand what they want and need; then sharing these insights throughout your organization empowering everyone to make better-informed, real-time decisions.

A new and effective social strategy will help your brand meet rising consumer expectations.

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