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79% of customers, or almost 4 out of every five customers, will act on direct mail immediately.
Source : CMO Council Research

Why is Content Marketing Is More Important Post Covid?

Simply put, content marketing is brand messaging. Your brand must speak to your customer’s needs directly. It’s a pillar of the digital marketing trend and highly effective when it’s rooted in classical and proven values.

Content is created for serving your customers’ needs. It’s more about helping them than it is about helping you. Serving others rather than interrupting them.

The challenge is creating content that captures people's attention and generates a positive experience. This is one of Creative Engine's specialties: "words matter".

The strategic reasons why content is always king

Your company’s “owned media” (website) is the key point of contact and impression that determines whether or not the customers give your brand message a second glance.

Given the current fierce and intense competition for consumers, specific studies have shown that it takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website and other marketing communications. If they pass the first hurdle most visitors will spend only a few seconds quickly browsing to determine whether or not your brand has resonated with them. This is another of Creative Engine’s specialties: “Brand resonance matters”.

Content determines buying decisions

That's the reason why instant impact that resonates capturing a visitor's attention is the make-or-break foundation of your content marketing. We understand the power of brand messaging and will help you establish the core branding communications that will form the building blocks of your sales and marketing strategy giving your brand a voice and personality that your customers will embrace.

Does your brand’s name (and promise) resonate? Your brand’s name (including your slogan) could deliver the most powerful message you’ve ever sent?

  • Your brand’s name andslogan should motivate your customers.
  • Your slogan should motivate your vendors.
  • Your slogan should motivate your employees.
  • Your slogan should be a reflection of the God-given dream that launched your brand.
  • Your slogan should allow your brand to leave an enduring legacy.

The combination of owned, paid, earned media and branding can be puzzling; and Creative Engine can help you put those pieces together creating the right mix to achieve increasing ROI of your marketing budget.

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“Your prospect is never going to understand your sales presentation as well as you do. They could
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