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79% of Consumers Place Equal Weight on Personal Recommendations and Online Reviews.
Source : Pew Statistics

Your Biggest Advocate or Invisible Business Killer

Today, your reputation is only as good as your last customer's experience. Over-the-moon customer service will generate an enthusiastic thumbs-up posting for the world to see. On the other hand, one letdown can create a bad review that will impact your business -- the invisible business killer.

You can measure how many people visit your website or store and a plethora of other analytics. What you don't know, and can't measure are how many prospects never take that next step because of a poor online reputation or a negative review.

Successful entrepreneurs proactively manage their online and offline reputations. They don't leave it to chance. They guard, build, protect, and understand the value of their reputations to their overall success.

The Effects of a Negative Online Reputation or Reviews

It isn't just the financial downside; a negative online reputation can drop your staff's morale when they're always in an uphill battle having to overcome a negative reputation. It hurts recruiting. The best candidates want to work for the best organizations.

The social media waters can be treacherous and online review sites unforgiving. Yelp, Google, Glassdoor, and others affect your brand. Small to midsize business owners don't have the time nor the finances to overcome a bad review from a disappointed customer or an ex-employee with an ax to grind. Like it or not, this will affect the growth and profitability of your business.

It’s One of Your Best Investments and an Insurance Policy

Competition, today in a crowded marketplace, is intense. Implementing the right strategies to build and protect your online reputation is critical. It's one of your best investments and an insurance policy against what inevitably down the road will be a bump of a negative review. We give you a dedicated ORM team to manage and monitor your online reputation. They will provide and implement a plan to make your online reputation an asset rather than a liability.

Your online reputation is either one of the most your most profitable assets your brand has or invisible business killer. Let us show you how to be proactive to protect and enhance it by giving us a call today at 1-512-215-2500.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think
about that,you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett

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“What you don't know, and can't measure are how many prospects never take
that next step because of a poor online reputation or a negative review.”

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