43% of people abandon websites when they see "security alert" messages.

Why Having an SSL Certificate for Your Website
Is More Important Than Ever

Secure Your Website Today before Google Flags It

As the Internet evolves and protection improves, so does cybercriminals creativity and tactics. Google and others have been working relentlessly to make surfing the web safer and more secure. That’s why they’re urging website owners to use SSL certificates also known as HTTPS protocol. It ensures that the data sent from your device to the website you’re browsing is encrypted and secured.

With the release of Chrome 68, Google began flagging all sites that haven’t adopted HTTPS as not secure. All the others will be displayed with the green https letters in its URL, which means they are safe and secured with an SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are more important than ever for their benefits for your website.

SSL Certificate Explained

Secure Sockets Layer certificates (SSL) have been available for more than 20 years. An SSL certificate ensures that your website’s visitor’s sensitive data will be transferred over a secure network

Despite this critical component of SSL, many businesses have procrastinated procuring an SSL certificate for what in the past were price and implementation issues. The good news is today, the implementation is easier and far less expensive.

Why an SSL certificate is a Must-Have

If you’re still not convinced the following are some important reasons to no longer delay

Improving Website Security:
SSL certificates protect the sensitive data transmitted to and from your website. Information such as signups, login details, addresses, payment or personal information are encrypted by the SSL connection to help protect your visitors’ data from being stolen by attackers

Keeping All Your Domains Safe:
A specific type of SSL certificate called Wildcard allows you to secure your main wesite and all of its subdomains (like or with a single SSL certificate. That’s incredibly useful if you’re an entrepreneur or you're managing large websites with several subdomains. Having a standard SSL, will require to install separate certificates for every one of your subdomains.

Trust and credibility for your customers:
An important benefit of SSL certificates is they will help you gain your visitors’ trust. Your website will display a security padlock in the address bar of the browser. This indicates that the connection is safe and secure and shows your visitors that you take their privacy seriously. Without having an SSL certificate, some browsers may flag your website as “unsafe”.

SEO advantages:
A significant benefit of having an SSL certificate installed is the SEO improvement in rankings. Google awards websites with encrypted connections a small rankings boost. Although not substantial, having an SSL does give you another advantage over your competitors who are still procrastinating getting their certificate.

Why wait? In Today's World Online Security
Is A Necessity

The benefits of having an SSL certificate for your business or personal website are significant. You certainly value your visitors, customers and the importance of protecting their information. Creative Engine will make shielding your website with SSL protection quick, easy and inexpensive. Why take the risk and not leverage the benefits of the of the HTTPS revolution? Adding an extra layer of SSL security for your website visitors adds to their trust and enhances your brand power.

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