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Mobile apps accounted for 57 percent of all digital media usage in 2018.
Source: ComScore

Why Progressive Mobile Apps Will Replace
Native Mobile Apps

Mobile websites are convenient quick and easy to access, but the user experience tends to be lacking. User experience is the driver for mobile business success. Native mobile apps provide the optimum user experience but are time-consuming and very costly to develop and maintain. Thus, we came up with our new product known as the Progressive Mobile App (PMA).

It takes a lot less time to develop it and is very cost effective. It can be downloaded easily from any app store because of its minimal size, and it does not eat away too much space in the user’s mobile phones. The app interface functions as a mobile website as well, which means, that there is no need to create a separate website (again saving you more money). Because of these advantages, we believe that PMAs, as we call it, will replace the native apps in the future.

Improving User Experience, Efficient and Economical

Progressive mobile apps are far more efficient than native mobile apps because they work on-demand and are always easily accessible, without compromising a smartphone’s valuable memory or data. Also, since they are smaller in size, they use much less space on your mobile device and are easily downloadable.

The Latest Advancement for Mobile-First Strategy

If you’ve been delaying developing a responsive website or a native mobile app, you are actually at a critical juncture. Many businesses have already experienced the pain of building a native mobile experience for their customers. However, the good news is a progressive mobile app effectively and inexpensively replaces a business’s mobile site, its native app and perhaps even its desktop site. Simply put, a progressive mobile app accomplishes all the advantages of a mobile website and native mobile app without the downside. Now here’s the best part, it does so for a lot less money!

If you haven’t established a mobile presence, now you can skip those steps entirely and go straight to a progressive mobile app. Doing so gives you the benefit of developing a customer experience with mobile as a starting point. Companies that were early adopters of establishing a mobile presence made substantial gains but will eventually have to migrate their mobile presence to progressive technology.

Now You Can Take Your Mobile Presence
from Good Enough to Great.

Mobile sites and native mobile apps both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, progressive mobile apps are proving to leverage and deliver the best of both worlds in one fell swoop.

A progressive mobile app can move your mobile marketing strategy from good enough to great with one obvious, inexpensive and straightforward decision. The early adopters already see the benefits of their choice.

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