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If ADA lawsuits continue at the current pace, 2018’s total will exceed 2017 by 30%, fueled largely by website accessibility lawsuit continued growth.
Source: Seyfarth Shaw


Federal Law Now Requires Websites To Be ADA Compliant

All websites are now required to be ADA compliant. Most entrepreneurs and even web developers were not aware of this until news reports of lawsuits for ADA noncompliance started escalating with settlements costing as much as $100,000.

Many Industries Are Being Targeted By Attorneys With Clients Ready To File A Lawsuit

It’s a fact that eventually you’ll have to make your website ADA compliant. The advantage of doing it now is you’ll eliminate the liability and risk of a lawsuit that no business wants and small businesses can’t afford.

There are many industries being targeted by attorneys with clients ready to file a lawsuit looking for nothing more than a quick settlement or a quick payment not to file a lawsuit.

Take A Minute. Take A Look. Your Due Diligence Jump-Start

Below are several links to ADA website compliance research articles from credible and reputable sources that will inform you this growing problem and the associated risks.

What Makes Creative Engine ADA Website
Compliant Service Different?

What makes Creative Engine different is we’ve carefully studied the law and are familiar with what it takes to make your website ADA compliant. This includes the most recent requirements contained in the June 2018 WAG 2.1 update. Moreover, we have a highly skilled and experienced development team qualified to take the necessary action to bring your website into full compliance.

The good news is we do it efficiently and effectively. We first run an ADA compliance test and share the report with you. We only do what is necessary to be compliant — no more and no less. That is the reason why we’re able to keep the website ADA compliance upgrade affordable and far less than current market rates for the same service.

ADA Compliance Requires Action. Don’t Wait to be Sued. Request Your FREE ADA Website Compliance Test and Report Today.

The bottom line is helping people with disabilities pursue their independence is the right thing to do. We encourage you to give us a ring today at 512-215-2500 and request a FREE ADA website compliance test and report.

  • Testing. Discovery. Remediation. Validation.
  • Efficient. Economical. Enhanced Usability.
  • Automated & Engineering ADA Solutions.
  • HTML Accessibility Best Practices.
  • Swift Speed to Compliance.
  • Delivering Sustainable Accessibility.
  • Includes June 2018 Wag 2.1 Update.
  • Holistic, Trusted IT Solutions.

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