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65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets (photos, video, illustrations and infographics) are core to how their brand story is communicated.
Source : CMO Council

A New Take on an Old Problem

Creative Engine is a virtual creative agency specializing in strategic marketing, branding, and digital solutions. What is a virtual agency? We’re a passionate group of seasoned marketing and creative professionals, who choose to do what we love (our work!) without the overhead, red tape, or layers of management in a traditional agency. We are a lean and highly productive team.

We charge only for our time. Pay for services, not a plush downtown office. We make high-quality solutions available and affordable for the small to the midsize business owner.

Current Marketing Options for Small
to Mid-Size Businesses

Small and mid-sized businesses are typically limited to a sliding scale of options.

Pay huge fees for a traditional agency. With limited budgets they get access to only the least experienced talent.

Hire and maintain an in-house marketing department, which comes with overhead, salaries, and benefit expenditures.

Hire outside consultants who are either generalists or specialists and not connected to a strategic team.

HIre freelancers for each piece of the project, each working in their own intellectual or creative closet, without collaboration or an overall marketing strategy.

Grassroots approach where a friend of a friend “knows someone”, or a family member who does the work for close to nothing with results that match the price.

Most of these choices give you access to duplicators, not creators, providing cookie-cutter marketing. They profit from replication, denying clients a unique marketing solution. Replication often results in zero brand equity, poor SEO and ultimately diminishes results and profits.

As digital marketing continues to become a priority for enterprises and small businesses
we’ll see the industry continue to evolve at a faster pace. – Brandon Gains

The Virtual Creative Agency
The New and Smarter Way to Build Your Business

Our new solution to an outdated business model provides you with just the resources you need whenever you need them. We build teams of industry specialists and experienced senior professionals, based upon your projects and goals. That team can change from project-to-project, so you’re always receiving maximum value at a direct access price.

Let’s start a project and begin building a better brand together

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“Creative Engine is about creativity and always becoming more innovative in our creativity”

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