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Businesses Compete and Win

The Strategic Advantage
An Old Story with a New Application

Consider the story of David and Goliath. David wins not because he was just brave or lucky, but because he came up with a different solution and deployed it strategically. David used a slingshot to protect and defend his flock of sheep, quickly becoming an expert marksman. When faced by Goliath, he was smaller but nimble; he knew how to use the weapon that was right for him.

David used a slingshot because he didn’t have an army. Like David, we provide you with the tools that are right for you to succeed against your Goliath competitors. In the same way, to compete effectively, you need to connect the right tools to the advantages inherent in being smaller than your competitors.

You are nimble. You are better poised to predict and respond to changes in your marketplace than larger, Goliath-sized companies. You are not burdened with layers of management or red tape and are structured to function more creatively and efficiently.

Helping You Recognize
Opportunities and Develop Strategies

Small and midsize companies must seek out and identify opportunities to win against their bigger competitors. Working with us is a way for you to do just that. We help you recognize those opportunities. Then we develop strategies and a step-by-step plan to implement them, creatively and compellingly presenting your value proposition. The result is a qualified inquiry from a prospect that wants to learn more and who’s favorably predisposed to doing business with you.

Strategic Marketing: Your Greatest ROI

Choosing a strategic marketing partner is one of your most important decisions. Marketing is the one area where you have the most significant leverage and opportunity for return on investment. Most entrepreneurs default to improving technology or cutting costs to improve ROI. Although those measures can produce results, those results pale in comparison to what strategic marketing can deliver. If done right, strategic marketing can provide over 1000% return -- that is not hyperbole; it is a fact.

People Don’t Succeed By Accident;
Success Is Premeditated

Creative thinking is how the best innovators and entrepreneurs succeed, uncovering new opportunities by approaching their work from different perspectives. People don’t succeed by accident; success is premeditated. It requires research, planning and thinking outside the box. Creative Engine helps you find new pathways to achieve the success that is waiting for you. We deliver the marketing plan and roadmap to get you there.

The Real Objective of Marketing

The real goal of marketing is to generate a qualified inquiry that leads to action and action that converts to new business. You want people to walk into your store, pick up the phone, or click to contact you and then convert that inquiry.

Generating Profits Today. Building Brands for Tomorrow.

We provide you with the tools and the strategy to increase your market share and open up new markets through brand makeovers and re-imagining. We help you by drilling deep, asking you the right questions, offering broad perspectives and inspiring you to think differently. We give you the confidence to take thoughtful, deliberate and bold steps forward.

We provide you with the slingshot, stones, and everything else you need to win against your Goliath competitor. Creative Engine is your creative, efficient, and affordable solution, helping you generate profits for today while building a brand for tomorrow.

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