51% of all online searches happen through a mobile device and 49% happens through a desktop/Laptop.

Companies love to keep the interface of their mobile website and mobile application as similar as possible. However due to various reasons, most times, they are not able to achieve the same. They create separate platforms:-

a) Website, and b) Mobile Application - which are based on separate programming languages.It also increases their costs by leaps and bounds.

After a lot of research and work, we have found a way to solve these issues, as well as reduce the time and cost needed to create mobile apps.

Traditional Approach

At present, Google emphasises that all websites should be responsive to mobile devices for better search performance. Traditionally, web developers have been designing and developing responsive websites by first designing it for the bigger screen and then slowly shrinking it for the smaller screens.

New Approach

However, we at Rise Solutionz are offering a different approach to tackle this issue. We are first creating designs for the mobile screen, and then it is gradually expanded to the desktop screen. There are two advantages to it:-

1) The mobile design will be uniform for both the website and the mobile application.

2) It will reduce the designing time that was needed for both the platforms.

The development begins once the design has been approved.

The website thus developed is called a MappSite. It has the provision to be converted into a mobile app (later when opted for) through our technology and development process, in a very fast, cost effective and efficient method.

Our process tends to cut down the time and price of developing a mobile app by almost 60%.

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